Once you get started with our proven approach to credit education, you may begin to see exciting results within the first 60 to 90 days.* With your ongoing participation, you can continue to experience improved credit throughout our credit restoration process. The more you participate, the faster you can expect results. UCES understands that every financial scenario is different; that's why we back our service with a Satisfaction Guarantee, taking every step to ensure a positive experience. What do you have to lose other than your less than perfect credit? *Results may vary based on individual.




Protection Plan membership fees are non-refundable. For cancelled memberships, billing will stop at the time of cancellation. No refunds will be issued on previous payments.

Full price credit restoration customers (for credit restoration purchased prior to 6/25/16), will be charged an initial $125.00 set-up fee, and $25.00 for each negative account removed or corrected during the time involved in the credit education process. Customers must complete three dispute cycles before they are eligible for a refund. No refunds will be issued on incomplete split payments or monthly payment plans.